Early June 2016 statistics

June, the first month of summer meteorologically speaking, has so far delivered a range of weather with some sunny, warm days but also torrential, thundery downpours leading to localised flooding.

Early figures up until 27 June 2016 reflect this mix of weather and also some stark contrasts across the UK.

Statistics up until 27 June reveal most areas of the UK have seen rainfall above the monthly average, but with much of the rainfall falling as showers there are some locations which have had more than twice the June average, whereas other areas have missed much of the rainfall.

As the rainfall map below shows, away from north-eastern areas of England, much of England and Wales have had a wet month with slow-moving heavy downpours creating a patchwork effect. The counties of Essex and Middlesex are close to recording their wettest June since records began in 1910 with 111.9mm and 112.5mm of rainfall respectively (previous record for Essex 122.5mm in 1958, for Middlesex 123.8mm in 1971).2016_6_Rainfall_Anomaly_1981-2010

Northern, western and southern Scotland have had a rather dry month with around 70% of the average rainfall for these areas, compared to Aberdeenshire which has been very wet recording 142mm making it close to seeing its wettest June on record (151.7mm in 1948). Kincardineshire (138.3mm) is also close to the wettest June on record (144.5mm in 2012).

Across Northern Ireland as a whole, average rainfall amounts have been recorded, although heavy showers led to locally above average totals in Co Londonderry and Co Tyrone.

Mean temperatures for the UK have been above average by 1C, although regionally this varies from 2C above average in some western parts to around average along much of the east coast. The fine, sunny start to the month when the best of the sunshine and warmth was in the west helped boost these values. Shetland in particular has had a very sunny month so far, whereas eastern and southern parts have had a rather dull month with not much more than half the average amount of sunshine typical for June.

2016_6_MeanTemp_Anomaly_1981-2010 2016_6_Sunshine_Anomaly_1981-2010







1-27 June 2016 mean temp (°C) sun (hrs) rainfall (mm)
Actual Diff from avg Actual % of avg Actual % of avg
UK 14 1 133 78 83.9 114
England 14.9 0.9 126 69 84.3 136
Wales 14.7 1.6 147 85 104.5 122
Scotland 12.4 1.1 142 95 79.4 89
N Ireland 14.4 1.6 126 84 77.2 101

With June almost over, what weather can we expect for the start of July? At the moment it looks likely that the fairly changeable and rather cool conditions will continue into the start of July with a mix of dry, sunny spells and cloudier periods bringing rain or showers. Towards the end of next week, southern parts of the UK may be slightly drier and feel warmer compared to the north but still with the chance of rain at times.

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