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A weak El Niño is likely

Consensus is growing among scientists from a range of climate centres across the world that a weak El Niño is likely to occur during the coming northern hemisphere winter. Professor Adam Scaife is the head of long-term to decadal climate … Continue reading

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Late Season Hurricane Sandra Heading for Mexico

The North Pacific Ocean has seen exceptional levels of tropical cyclone activity this season as reported in this blog over the last few months. By the end of November it is usual to see the season drawing to a close … Continue reading

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Record levels of Pacific tropical cyclone activity continue

The Pacific Ocean has seen an extremely high number of tropical cyclones during the early part of this season, with several more tropical storms developing over the weekend. Across the whole Pacific Ocean nine tropical cyclones have formed in the … Continue reading

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La Nina: in graphics

The images below show the tropical pacific at times of La Nina conditions and times of neutral conditions. Under La Nina conditions, the sea surface temperatures are cooler across the eastern tropical pacific, and as a consequence the atmospheric circulation is pushed further west.  The … Continue reading

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