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Why does it feel so cold? A guide to ‘feels like’ temperatures

With bitterly cold conditions across parts of the UK just now, have you been asking yourself why it can feel so much colder in the wind? The temperatures that you normally see on our website represent the temperature of the … Continue reading

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The meteorology behind the ‘Beast from the East’

Update: See how the weather situation for the coming week has developed over the weekend: How the ‘pest from the west’ will beat the ‘Beast from the East’ The ‘Beast from the East’ – not the Grammy nominated live album … Continue reading

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Cold weather clue in upper atmosphere

During a period of colder than average weather across northern Europe in February this year we issued a blog discussing potential causes – including changes in circulation high up in the atmosphere. We also discussed these disruptions, known as Sudden … Continue reading

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Freezing conditions continue as temperatures fall to -11.8 C last night

The freezing weather continued to grip parts of the UK overnight once again with the lowest temperatures across North Yorkshire and other eastern parts of the UK where cloud breaks persisted through the night. The lowest temperature was -11.8 deg C at … Continue reading

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