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Preparing for when the sun wakes up

Written by Mark Gibbs, Head of Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre and Dr Mario Bisi, Space Weather Scientist, STFC RAL Space Experts from across the globe are in the UK this week discussing plans for a new European space … Continue reading

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Watch this space!

Space weather is just the environmental conditions in space that can have an effect on Earth. The most recognisable and visible of these is arguably the auroras (Northern and Southern Lights). However, as well as these spectacular natural phenomena, space … Continue reading

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Can space tech help measure the weather?

This summer the Met Office was able to take advantage of a nanosatellite being used as a technology demonstrator by the European Space Agency (ESA) to gather weather information. The satellite, GomX-3, was built by the Danish CubeSat developer GomSpace. … Continue reading

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ESA hands over control of the Metop-B weather satellite to EUMETSAT

Yesterday, at 18:30 local time EUMETSAT took control of Metop-B operations, following the three-day Launch and Early Orbit Phase conducted. The handover follows the launch of Metop-B on 17 September.   Since the launch all of Metop-B’s systems have been deployed and checked. This has … Continue reading

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