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Another El Niño on the way?

In the waters of the far-eastern equatorial Pacific – close to the South American coast – sea-surface temperatures are beginning to rise, prompting some climate scientists to believe the world could be heading for another El Niño in close succession … Continue reading

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A tour of global meteorology in 50, 30-second topics

Every day there will be an article published somewhere in the world about life-threatening weather or a changing global climate. We’re not short of news content, occasionally spiced with a liberal dose of hyperbole. However, until now there have been … Continue reading

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What are the prospects for the weather in the coming winter?

Anyone who has read the newspapers lately can’t have failed to notice this winter’s weather is in the headlines. Justification for claims of a ‘big freeze’ has come from sources as diverse as the plucky Bewick Swan settling into the … Continue reading

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El Niño and its impact on global weather

Forecast centres around the world have now declared that an El Niño, the most powerful fluctuation in our climate system, has begun in the tropical Pacific. For more than a year, scientists have been talking of an increased risk of … Continue reading

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Does the jet stream affect hurricanes?

Many news and weather articles, including our own blog, have reported recently that the UK’s wet summer is caused by the jet stream being situated further south than usual for this time of year. However, some have questioned whether there … Continue reading

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Met Office in the Media: 26 January 2010

La Niña and its continuing impact on the worlds weather and its impacts elsewhere continues to be of interest. The Telegraph reported that La Niña is a danger to the economic recovery in which Dr Rob Allen provided some detail … Continue reading

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2010 – a near record year

The Met Office and the University of East Anglia have today released provisional global temperature figures for 2010, which show the year to be the second warmest on record. With a mean temperature of 14.50 °C, 2010 becomes the second … Continue reading

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La Nina: in graphics

The images below show the tropical pacific at times of La Nina conditions and times of neutral conditions. Under La Nina conditions, the sea surface temperatures are cooler across the eastern tropical pacific, and as a consequence the atmospheric circulation is pushed further west.  The … Continue reading

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The impacts of La Nina on global weather

The weather is making headlines around the world as heavy rain and flooding affects parts of Australia, Sri Lanka and Brazil.  With a strong La Nina in place in the tropical pacific ocean at the moment the focus has been … Continue reading

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