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Immersion in science – off the grid in the Amazon

Last month I spent a week in the Amazon surrounded by gigantic lush green trees and the constant, noisy accompaniment of jungle creatures, writes Chantelle Burton – a Climate Scientist at the Met Office’s Hadley Centre. I was lucky enough … Continue reading

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The impacts of La Nina on global weather

The weather is making headlines around the world as heavy rain and flooding affects parts of Australia, Sri Lanka and Brazil.  With a strong La Nina in place in the tropical pacific ocean at the moment the focus has been … Continue reading

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Met Office in the Media: 06 November 2010

Reuters has reported that the Met Office Chief Scientist, Professor Julia Slingo OBE has suggested that the 2 degree Celsius climate target may need to change.   Professor Slingo clearly stated that the the world should keep the 2C target to aid negotiations, but with advances … Continue reading

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