‘Weather forecasts make a real difference when lives could be in danger’

The Met Office weather forecast helps people make better decisions to stay safe and make the most of their day. In fact, 83% of the public trust the Met Office to do just that*.  

But Met Office forecasts are also used by critical services around the UK to help keep the public safe every day.  

When it comes to accurate forecasts, the Met Office stands above the crowd. Our global Numerical Weather Prediction model, which is the foundation of our accurate weather provision, is relied on by experts across the globe to contribute to safety of life operations, including air transport. 

We are trusted when it really matters by many organisations including Government, charities, emergency responders and businesses. 

Our accurate local forecasts are used by key regional and national services from blue light emergency services to mountain rescues, RNLI to National Air Traffic Services. 

Expert forecasts are relied on by those who need them most, when accuracy matters.  

Helping the experts plan 

For example, Mountain Rescue England & Wales Senior Executive Officer Mike Park explains, “Accurate mountain weather forecasts can make a real difference in ‘safety-to-life’ situations.”  

Met Office forecasts are used by Mike’s team to enable mountain rescue crews to prepare the best way they can for trips to keep themselves and those they help safe. By working with the Met Office, Mountain Rescue England & Wales can be as prepared as possible for any treacherous conditions caused by the weather.  

“Our teams can plan ahead to have the right equipment and make important decisions about appropriate actions to take,” said Mike.  

Mountain Rescue England & Wales Senior Executive Officer Mike Park

By land or by sea 

Similarly, RNLI lifeguards help to protect the public around the coasts of the UK, using the Met Office forecast to keep them on top of the conditions near the beach.   

RNLI lifeguard Iona Hamilton said: “We use the Met Office forecast on a daily basis to inform us on what we can expect in terms of temperature, wind speed and direction, tide times, offshore wave conditions and UV levels.  

“It means as lifeguards we have the weather-related knowledge and information to keep the public safe.”  

RNLI lifeguard Iona Hamilton
RNLI lifeguard Iona Hamilton

Or in the skies 

Mountain, sea and land operations of critical services are supported by the Met Office, and it’s no different when you look to the skies.  

National Air Traffic Services help keep planes safe in the skies and when landing. With an embedded Met Office forecaster working alongside them in Swanwick Control Centre, their access to Met Office forecasts helps with flight planning and operations.  

Darren Bunce, Planning Manager for Airspace Capacity Management at National Air Traffic Services, said: “Having an embedded Met Office forecaster… we not only have accurate forecast information at our fingertips, but we also have the benefit of their expert advice which is really important when extreme weather conditions coincide with peak travel times.” 

Planning for emergencies  

For Ian Townsend, Civil Contingencies Research Officer at Nottinghamshire Police, accurate Met Office forecasts are of paramount importance. 

“We access not only publicly available information, but additional safety-to-life resources the Met Office provides. We also have direct contact with their professional forecasters… which further supports us to act with confidence when making operational decisions.” 

Day-to-day operations are also enhanced by accurate, up-to-date forecasts. West Yorkshire Police Chief Superintendent Ed Chesters said: “From missing people searching, to traffic, to natural emergencies such as floods, it’s vital that we know the prevailing weather conditions at any given time.” 

West Yorkshire Police Chief Superintendent Ed Chesters
West Yorkshire Police Chief Superintendent Ed Chesters

To save lives  

When it really matters, critical services trust the Met Office to provide accurate weather forecasts that help their operational planning and decision making to protect the public and save lives.  

So, you can be sure those forecasts will help you plan your everyday too. Find out more about When Accuracy Matters on the Met Office website.  

Download the free Met Office app for accurate local forecasts from the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android). 

*83% of adults in a YouGov survey from March 2022 said they trusted the Met Office.  

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