What’s the weather outlook for the bank holiday weekend?

There will still be a good deal of dry weather around through the weekend, with many places seeing the sun at times.

After what has been a mild and settled week for many, there’s a signal for some brief interludes of showery rain during the bank holiday weekend, although the details are still being determined.  

High pressure has been sitting over the UK for much of the week, bringing a good deal of dry, fine weather and some sunny spells.

Although the bank holiday weekend will continue that theme for many, the chance of rain increases as a band of showers and cloudier skies move in from the northwest by the end of Saturday. The precise extent of how this band of rain moves southeast over the UK during Saturday night and Sunday is still uncertain, with forecasting models producing a number of alternate scenarios – but broadly the further north and west you are, the more likely to see some rain. 

Despite the chance of showers in some areas, there will still be a good deal of dry weather around through the weekend, many places also seeing the sun at times.   

Alex Deakin presents the 10 day trend

On the whole, bank holiday Monday should see plenty of dry weather for the UK, with only the odd isolated light shower, although the far north of Scotland could see some more persistent rain, depending on how the weekend’s weather develops.  

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Rebekah Sherwin said: “It’s an interesting set-up for the weekend’s weather after what has been a fine, dry and settled week for most. 

“Although there’s plenty of detail to be resolved in the coming days, there will still be a good deal of dry weather in the bank holiday weekend, albeit with some rain spreading in from the northwest on Saturday and Sunday. The uncertainty at the moment is how far this rain might stretch towards the southeast on Sunday, but the further southeast you are the more likely you are to stay dry. Most places should also see some sunny spells on one day or the other during the weekend.    

“The set-up for next week is for that largely settled theme to continue, with brief incursions of showers and temperatures most likely staying around average for early May.” 

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