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This summer, we’re all likely to be spending more time closer to home. To help you make the most of the weather, and stay safe and healthy, we’ve worked with the Cabinet Office and key partners to bring together the very best advice and guidance to help you stay WeatherReady this summer.  

Find all our expert content below, or explore yourself using the WeatherReady page on our website. 

The Met Office app will help you stay prepared for the weather

Get started by checking out 10 things you can do now to prepare for summer. This will give you a start on some small steps you can take now to help make the most of summer weather, including things to stock up on and areas to check around your home.  

For many, the summer holidays will involve some longer trips in the car, so take a look at the tips for summer holiday driving, which includes advice for planning your journey and how to keep an eye on weather that could affect your planned trip. For those of you who are more accustomed to two-wheeled trips, British Cycling has also provided their tips for getting out on a bike this summer.  

WeatherReady provides advice on getting active this summer

Once you’re in the swing of summer, you’ll most likely want to take part in some summer activities. For advice and tips on camping, beaches and keeping the kids occupied, you can explore our ‘out and about’ section of WeatherReady, with expert advice from the likes of the Scouts Association, the RNLI and CoolCamping.com.  

Now you’ve got some tips on making the most of summer weather, here is some advice on how to stay safe in differing conditions. 

It’s important to take care of you and your family’s sun health. While many welcome warm weather, it can bring health risks. Take some time to read through Public Health England’s tips for keeping cool in hot weather. Specific summer health advice is also available to help manage hayfever symptoms and protect yourself from UV, including how to avoid sunburn. 

Garden hosepipes can represent a risk that you may not have considered. Check out the handy checklist from WaterSafe, on how to make sure a hosepipe doesn’t become a summer hazard. 

Get advice on preparing for storms with WeatherReady

And while lots of people hope warm weather is the norm this summer, it’s important to know what to do in the event of persistent heavy rain, just in case. For that, check out the practical advice for your area on protecting your property from flooding

For more information on WeatherReady visit the About WeatherReady page.  

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