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Global temperature: how does 2020 compare so far?

The Earth’s average temperature has increased by about 1 degree C since pre-industrial times, which for the climate record is calculated as the period 1850-1900. Although this is an average, some regions are experiencing a much faster rate of warming. … Continue reading

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Met Office scientists receive prestigious Royal Meteorological Society Awards

Last month the Met Office Hadley Centre celebrated its 30th anniversary. With a focus on ground-breaking science it is fitting that three Met Office scientists have been recognised in this year’s Royal Meteorological Society Awards, acknowledging their work in making exceptional contributions to weather and climate science. The award recipients were: … Continue reading

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The impact of coronavirus on Met Office observations

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis continues to affect the activities of society as a whole, and the weather observing network is no exception. The pandemic has led to a sharp fall in the number of flights around the world and therefore a loss of aircraft-based observations, including … Continue reading

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Why has Summer so far been wetter than Spring?

At less than halfway through June, some parts of the UK have already had more rain than during the entire three months of spring.  Parts of North East England in particular have seen most rain so far this month, with Durham … Continue reading

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A local look at the record-breaking Spring and May weather

Both the month of May and the full spring season have been exceptional for the UK, as outlined in our recent news release. In this blog we look at the local detail of what has been an exceptionally sunny and … Continue reading

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