Met Office in the news – BBC weather contract

Met Office northern hemisphere model visualisation

Met Office northern hemisphere model visualisation

We’ve known for a year that our long-standing relationship with the BBC is going to change and we have been working hard to make sure everyone can access our forecast and warnings on a range of channels – via our popular new app, or via videos on our website and via twitter.

National weatherAs the trusted, expert source of weather and climate science in the UK, we work at the heart of Government, with a wide range of customers, and with emergency responders to maintain resilience and public safety.

Its not surprising that our highly trained and popular presenters are in demand; many have been presenting the weather for many years and have become household names. We are working closely with our staff to resolve any issues associated with the end of our contract.

Helen Chivers, Head of news and social media at the Met Office, said: “Nobody knows Britain’s weather better than the Met Office and our expert forecasts and warnings are easily accessible for everyone when it matters.

“Technology is helping us reach more people than ever before in the ways they want, be it on our popular new weather app, website and social media, on-line news providers or independent television networks. This means everyone can have the best weather information at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they need it.

“Our long-standing relationship with the BBC will continue as they broadcast our national severe weather warnings and interview our experts on subjects as diverse as winter storms, global climate change impacts and space weather.”

Our new app is proving very popular and has now had 600,000 downloads since its official launch in May. With a 4.5* rating for iOS and 4* for Android it is in the top 50 apps in the app stores for customer retention.

App home pageMet Office app

Helen added: “These are exciting times for us as we work with a wide range of UK broadcasters and media partners to create new and innovative services.”

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4 Responses to Met Office in the news – BBC weather contract

  1. stephencwll says:

    I realise why you’re painting a positive picture of your new app, but it’s still a pale representation of the former and superior app which I still use. I’ve got both on my phone purely so I can see how the new app is progressing. I don’t use it actively as it’s lagging behind with features missing that the previous app had. Coming Soon, is all I hear, yet you’ve released an app that is missing things that people liked about the old app and still haven’t addressed feedback in this area.

    • Hello Stephen, thanks for your comments about our new app

      It has been designed and created based on customer needs and feedback and contains the vast majority of the features from the old app plus some new ones, including our national weather video and pollen push notifications.

      The new app is much quicker than the old one, because of the way we designed it using cloud technology and includes 7 day forecasts for UK and international locations, as well as all important national severe weather warning information.

      We’ll be adding new features to it over time and welcome everyone’s feedback and ideas on the features they would like to see and find useful.

      Bear with us, we are working on key features that have been requested, they are on their way!


  2. Nigel Vince says:

    Don’t forget to make the app work for windows Phone please

    • Hello Nigel, Thanks for your feedback.

      At present there are no plans to further develop the windows app, but this decision will continue to be reviewed based on market trends. Don’t forget our mobile website is also available for up to date, accurate weather forecasts and warnings.


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