Fire and floods – weather around the globe

The weather has had a major impact on a number of events at the Olympics in Rio, with postponements for both tennis and rowing. Many places around the rest of the world are also experiencing interesting weather at the moment.


Warm and dry conditions with strong winds have led to devastating wild fires across Madeira where three people have been killed and a number of properties destroyed. Dry and very warm weather across northern parts of Portugal have also led to wild fires developing here, with almost 400 recorded across the country as a whole. Unfortunately it’s unlikely there will be an immediate end to the fires. Further wild fires are also affecting parts of southern France, though these should die out in the next day or so.


Satellite imagery from Wednesday 10 August 2016, showing smoke from wild fires on Madeira. image from MODIS/Terra/NASA

Temperatures across northern Portugal are expected to rise well above average for the time of year, and the hot conditions should extending into northwest Spain and west France this weekend. Temperatures are likely to peak over 40 C, which is a lot hotter than the low thirties being forecast for southern parts of the UK early next week.


A strong monsoon flow will bring heavy rainfall and the risk of flooding to the western side of Luzon, including Manila. Up to 250 mm could fall in a 24 hour period, and 1000-2000 mm through the next seven days in places. The heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are also expected to affect southern China, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

North America:

Severe floods are also possible in parts of southern USA. Some places saw over 200 mm of rain during Tuesday and Wednesday, with further heavy rain, 50-100 mm, expected each day through to the weekend.

Pacific Ocean:

Tropical Storm Conson is over the western North Pacific and is forecast to strengthen over the next few days, but should not impact land. Some further tropical storm development is expected over other parts of the Pacific Ocean, our Storm Tracker pages will have more information on these.

South America:

Back to Rio, and whilst the unsettled weather caused issues for a number of events, they didn’t faze Jack Laugher and Chris Mears who overcame the wind and rain to win gold in the men’s synchronised 3m springboard diving for Team GB. Last night Mears described the weather as “English” and added “We enjoy diving in the rain. We love it.”

The forecast for the next few days at the Olympics is a breezy but drier day on Thursday, but it will again be cooler than average for the time of year. Into the weekend a switch in wind direction means it will feel much warmer as temperatures should however climb into the mid-thirties Celsius, which is around 10 degrees above average.

Our forecast pages and new app can provide you with more information on the weather forecast wherever you are.

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