Global Weather this week – updated 7 June 2016

We might be seeing some heavy showers and thunderstorms here in the UK today, but the weather in other parts of the world is much more volatile with storms, floods and heatwaves.

North America

In North America Tropical Storm Colin affected northern Florida overnight. The storm brought over 100 mm of rainfall in places and winds of over 50 mph. This has led to fallen trees, power outages and some flooding. Colin is now heading out into the Atlantic and as it moves north-eastwards some heavy rain is likely to affect parts of the eastern United States and possibly Canada over the next day or two. Colin will then become a post-tropical system as it moves into the north Atlantic later this week.


It continues unsettled across large parts of continental Europe for the next few days. Whilst the flooding in Paris has captured the headlines, parts of Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Romania and Poland have also suffered from severe thunderstorms and flooding in the past couple of days, with Uccle in Belgium seeing over 75 mm of rainfall in 24 hours.

The most intense thunderstorms, focussed across central and eastern parts of France, Belgium, western Germany, Switzerland and northern Italy, may produce as much as 100mm in 3 hours or less, along with large hail and strong winds. This has led to a number of yellow and amber severe weather warnings on MeteoAlarm.

The River Seine in Paris reached its highest level for 30 years on Saturday at 6.1m, and with further heavy rain possible this week, it could take many days before it returns to normal levels.


Darwin and the Northern Territories, in northern Australia, have seen record breaking temperatures.  It is unseasonably hot with temperatures around 5C higher than average and temperatures in Darwin on Saturday reached 36.1C, above the June record of 34.9C. It’s thought the spell of hot weather could be partly due to the recent very poor rainy season that has left the ground much drier than usual and may persist for a while meaning health, power supply and water provision may be impacted.

Image courtesy of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Image courtesy of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Meanwhile in south-eastern Australia a deep slow moving depression off the northeast coast produced large amounts of rainfall, 300mm quite widely, and quite widespread flooding over the last few days. There were also gale force winds, very large waves and coastal flooding. Waves as high as 12m (40ft) caused severe erosion at some of Sydney’s beaches, leaving some houses at risk of collapse. Some low lying areas were evacuated and there was some travel disruption.

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  1. xmetman says:

    Is this the start of a regular weekly blog on global weather?

    • Hi Bruce

      We are aiming to provide more global weather stories so intend to do roundups like this when there is interesting weather happening. It may not be every week, but I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about on a regular basis.


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