Science Camps in full swing

Over 50 students, aged between 11-13, arrived at the Met Office keen to learn about weather and climate science, for the second of this year’s Science Camps!

During the Science Camps students take part in demonstrations and hands-on activities, while camping overnight at Met Office headquarters in Exeter. The activities cover a huge variety of topics to help explain how we understand, measure and forecast both the weather and the climate.


Andy Brown, Director of Science at the Met Office said: “This year’s Science Camps have been as exciting as ever. Hopefully the activities, such as creating clouds in bottles and learning about our specialised sheep chill forecast, will inspire the students to become interested in science and meteorology.”

It seems as though this has well been the case, with one student saying, “I would love to work here when I am older – it was a great experience I will never forget”, and another adding, “The helpers were great and the activities were endlessly fun! I would SO do it again.”

The teachers also enjoyed the experience and one commented, “The MET Office is such a stimulating environment and the staff were so inspiring, every one of them showed a passion about their work that made all of the workshops engaging and fun.”

The camps take place over a number of weekends throughout the spring and summer terms, and are part of the Met Office STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math’s) Outreach programme.

From 4-8 July organisations across the UK, including the Met Office, will be participating in Tech Week:  Helping to inspire a new generation of young people about the digital world and change the way young people learn about technology and tech careers.

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