Dry start to September for many

You may think September has been a wet month so far but according to early provisional Met Office statistics, the month has started out drier and sunnier than average for many across the UK.

However the picture has been varied, some parts of southern and eastern England have already had over three quarters of their whole-month average rainfall for September. While northern and western areas have been drier, with little in the way of rain so far for much of Northern Ireland and Scotland away from eastern coasts.

Figures up to 16th September show there has been almost 30mm of rain across the UK, which is just 31% of the September average of 96mm. We would normally expect about half of the average monthly rainfall to have fallen by this point in the month. While there has been almost 72 hours of sunshine, 58% of the monthly average of 125 hours, with some north-western areas being especially sunny so far this month.

01 -16 Sept 2015 Rainfall Amount

01 -16 Sept 2015 Rainfall Amount

Looking at individual countries, Scotland has been the driest with almost 21mm of rain, 15% of average, followed by Northern Ireland with almost 24mm of rain, 26% of average. England is the wettest country so far with almost 34mm 49% of average.  There was a dry anticyclonic spell for the UK lasting from 5th until 11th, since then there have been some noticeable falls of rain.

The UK mean temperature so far has been 12.2C, which is 0.4C below the full-month average.

EARLY mean temperature sunshine duration precipitation
Sep-2015 Act Anm (8110) Act Anm (8110) Act Anm (8110)
degC degC hours % mm %
UK 12.2 -0.4 71.8 58 29.8 31
England 13.0 -0.8 78.2 57 33.8 49
Wales 12.3 -0.6 73.2 57 42.2 36
Scotland 11.0 0.1 63.6 61 20.9 15
N Ireland 12.2 -0.2 56.1 49 23.9 26


While these figures are interesting, they don’t tell us where the month will end up overall. A few days of wet or cold weather could drastically alter the statistics, so we’ll have to wait for the full-month figures before making any judgements.

Meanwhile this weekend is looking fine and dry, with good spells of sunshine for many on Saturday and many places seeing settled weather continuing well into Sunday evening. Check out our five day forecast for more details.

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6 Responses to Dry start to September for many

  1. xmetman says:

    I’m not sure that I would fully agree with your title. You can find a plotted accumulation chart and a ranked list of wettest places so far this September here:


  2. kenjlowe says:

    Could the blog please explain the uncertainties surrounding the forecast for last Wed. (16/9). I live in Gloucestershire and the forecast was for wet and windy weather. Local radio on Wed morning was saying rain around lunchtime. In the event we had a few spots starting at 5pm. Was your super super computer shut down then?!

  3. xmetman says:

    Perhaps I just have a persecution complex but when anyone else posts a comment they seem to appear almost instantly, but any that I post just sit there for a couple of days. My posts in the main add extra information in the form of graphs, charts and tables, and are in no way derogatory to the Met Office. If you are going to host a blog then at least enter into the spirit of the thing, in my blog I aim to get a comment as quickly as possible, otherwise close them to comments.

  4. xmetman says:

    No apology necessary, I do appreciate the Met Office blog and know from personal experience how difficult it is to keep readers happy.

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