Typhoon heads for Japanese volcano

Typhoon Goni, which was located just east of Taiwan on Sunday morning, is expected to track across the western side of Kyushu Island in SW Japan through Monday.  There is a risk it could bring up to 200mm of rainfall in 24 hours across Kyushu, leading to a risk of flooding and landslides along with the threat of Hurricane Force winds and a storm surge.  This comes as the Japanese Meteorological Agency issues a level 4 alert for a major volcanic eruption on Mount Sakurajima.

Mount Sakurajima is one of 16 ‘Decade Volcano’ around the globe, meaning that it is a potentially destructive volcano close to populated areas. The level of alert suggests that the local population should prepare for evacuation, which would be made more difficult by a Typhoon impact.

Satellite image courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Satellite image courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Typhoon Goni has already bought heavy rainfall and Typhoon strength winds across the NE tip of Luzon in the northern Philippines.  Goni is expected to remain a Strong Typhoon (equivalent of a Category 2 Hurricane) with sustained winds of 80 knots and gusts to 115 knots, tracking steadily north through the rest of Sunday and Monday across the eastern East China Sea.  There is a risk of a storm surge and coastal flooding up through Kagoshima Bay in southern Kyushu.

Once Goni passes across western Japan, it is likely to lose its tropical characteristics, but could still bring flooding rains to the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday.


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