Met Office Science Camps a huge success

Over 200 secondary school pupils have taken part in four Met Office Science Camps this year.

The overnight camps, held at Met Office HQ in Exeter, provided a unique opportunity for 11-13 year old to join in a selection of hands-on activities led by Met Office staff. The activities covered a wide range of topics and helped explain how we measure and forecast the weather and climate.

Science Camp May 2015

Twelve schools and three scouts/guide groups took part in the events and Director of Science at the Met Office, Andy Brown said: “As well as being fun, Met Office Science Camps engage, challenge and enthuse students, encouraging them to develop scientific skills and hopefully inspire the scientists of the future.”

As one of the UK’s top science and engineering organisations, the Met Office is continually looking at ways to engage people, young and old, in the fascinating worlds of weather and climate science.

The Met Office Science Camps are part of the Met Office STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math’s) Outreach programme which aims to improve understanding of how weather and climate are measured and forecast. The programme has been awarded the European Meteorological Society Outreach and Communication Award in recognition of our outstanding efforts to engage young people.

Over the last decade or so, predicting the weather and climate has become one of the most important areas of scientific research. Work at the Met Office is incredibly varied, and this is reflected in the variety of career opportunities available, including everything from Science and Forecasting to Engineering and Business Development.

You can hear from a whole range of different people who are employed at the Met Office, from IT specialists to Climate Change scientists, in a series of podcasts.

How to Register

If your school or organisation would like to be added to our mailing list for the 2016 Met Office Science Camps, please email us at with your name and the school (or organisation) that you are emailing on behalf of. We take group bookings from schools or other organisations, rather than individual campers. If you are a parent or student looking to get involved then please get in touch with a teacher at your school and ask them to contact us.

If you have any queries, please email us:

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4 Responses to Met Office Science Camps a huge success

  1. jbenton2013 says:

    I’d be a lot happier if I was convinced this was not a forum for brainwashing young children on CAGW.

  2. Eli Hitler Razcon says:

    Reblogged this on elirazcon.

  3. climanrecon says:

    These camps must be tricky for the True Believers amongst the instructors, how to convey the notion that climate science is “settled”, but at the same time encourage future scientists and funding to join this, err, not at all settled science.

    I think the Met Office should stick to forecasting the weather and providing historical weather data, the latter continues to show that the UK climate is totally unpredictable.

  4. nuwurld says:

    Please do not attempt to brainwash these kids with the fiction of a ‘radiative greenhouse effect’. Physics does not know or care that this planet has a surface. The proposed energy balance occurs at altitude because interacting matter exists there as a gaseous envelope in near hydrostatic equilibrium. The proposed ‘surface’ is the effective mean radiative height and will always, with any atmosphere of 10^18kg be above the solid or liquid surface connected by the appropriate lapse. This applies to any planet with or without ‘greenhouse gases’.

    Simple calculations show that the whole troposphere exists in energetic equilibrium with the surface.

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