Turning even warmer for parts of Britain

After a disappointingly cool and wet August, September has been largely fine, with plenty of warm sunshine for many areas.

This has been thanks to an area of high pressure centred across the UK, which generally brings us dry and sunny weather.

Through this week, the high pressure will slowly move towards Scandinavia, with low pressure moving north towards southern parts of Britain.

This will introduce some isolated but potentially heavy showers in place. Cloud from the North Sea will also keep some eastern areas of the UK cloudier and cooler.

However, this low pressure will also drag in warm winds from the Mediterranean and France, causing a rise in temperatures across parts of the country.

Where we see cloud breaks and further sunshine through this week, we could see temperatures across parts of the south and west reach the mid 20s Celsius by day.

This is considerably warmer than the average of around 17C that we would normally expect across the UK for mid-September.

There has been some press interest about what effect Hurricane Edouard, currently in the Western Atlantic, will have on the UK’s weather.

It’s still early days, but computer models currently suggest the storm will move into the Mid Atlantic and then track south towards the Azores, well away from the UK.

This will mean that the British Isles will not be directly affected by the storm, and there is a hint that the largely fine weather will continue into the weekend to give us further settled weather.

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2 Responses to Turning even warmer for parts of Britain

  1. SJ NM says:

    Here you go again – this obsession with sunshine, and the stupid assumption that everybody likes hot and sunny weather.

    Could you please stick to giving an objective appraisal of what’s going on with our weather and climate, rather than working from the assumption that we are all desperate to be hot and sweaty all the time. I have to remind you not all of us like the hot sun (which is weather for stupid people, basically) and many of us are disappointed with this month’s weather so far. Rather than being the first month of autumn (and the blessed relief that means), this has proven to be another month of miserable heat, with the usual idiots carrying on as if this was the Caribbean.

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL #DaveGoromanWouldLoveThatComment #Goodish

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