Early figures suggest one of the warmest Junes on record

Early statistics from the Met Office National Climate Information Centre show that this has been one of the warmest Junes in records dating back to 1910.

Based on figures up until 25 June the mean temperature for the UK for the month is 14.4 °C, making it joint 6th at the moment and more than likely one of the top ten warmest once final figures are in. The warmest June on record is 1976 with 15 °C.

This continues a run of seven months where the UK mean temperature was warmer than average, with all the months from December through to April each being at least 1 °C warmer than the long-term average.

Looking at specific countries it is currently the second warmest June on record in Scotland with 13.2 °C – the warmest being 1940 with 13.5 °C. For England, Wales and Northern Ireland it’s currently the 9th warmest.

Rainfall totals have been below normal as a whole and sunshine totals have been near normal, brightest over south-west England and Wales but duller over Scotland.

  Mean temperature Sunshine Rainfall
1 – 25 June 2014 ** Actual Diff from 81-10 average Actual % of 81-10 average Actual % of 81-10 average
  degC degC hours % mm %
UK 14.4 1.4 161.1 95 45.9 63
England 15.2 1.2 184.3 101 33.0 53
Wales 14.2 1.0 203.1 117 43.9 51
Scotland 13.2 1.9 113.6 76 67.0 75
N Ireland 14.0 1.2 146.8 98 50.5 66

** Please note these are preliminary statistics from 1-25 June. The final figures will change once statistics from the final few days of the month are included.

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5 Responses to Early figures suggest one of the warmest Junes on record

  1. trendtraderx says:

    In what way can we be sure Met Office who consume £4m a week of taxpayers money are not fiddling the data sets? The data from stations should be collected by an INDEPENDENT body not one with a vested interest in the hockeystick narrative. Data sets collection should be taken away from Meto who are an untrusted source. It would be helpful for meto to publish what THEIR averages are and HOW they got them because i see different averages for the uk depending where you go from 15-19c for june. There is a real problem with the data and if it can be trusted in the way it is presented by the hockeystickers e.g

    Recent Book- The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science by Tim Ball he writes…” I have a Ph.D. in historical climatology from the University of London, England, and I studied meteorology and weather forecasting during nine years in the Cana- dian Air Force. I taught university climate courses for 25 years, published many peer-reviewed articles, authored the climatology half of a university-level textbook, and continue to publish peer-reviewed material….. Yet I am constantly under attack, including lawsuits by two leading members of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who claim I am unqualified and don’t know what I am talking about. The attacks are coming because I am qualified, and because I can explain the science in a way the public can better understand. I am a high-profile threat to the climate deception”

    • Hello
      You can find out how we calculate the UK averages here http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/about/methods and the averages are available here http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate. The HadCRUT4 global dataset information is available here http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcrut4/

      • nuwurld says:

        Met Office Press.

        Helen, as you appear now to be the public ‘voice’ of the MO here, unfortunately this is directed to you. This blog for want of a better word is ‘pedestrian’ in the ‘motorway’ of modern communication. How can you ‘fail’ to moderate the poor response this blog now merits. Two years ago a daily update was available, now it’s sporadic at once or twice a week. Have you purposely as an establishment reduced its connectivity to this poor standard?

        The 4th of July I made my last comment, and here, surprise, surprise by the 9th, still in moderation.

        Surely the Met and its followers deserve more. Surely a daily check of the pitifully few entries by number count is warranted to ensure interest.

        Regards, Geoff

    • nuwurld says:

      Although I regularly am in contention with the MetO, as far as I am aware the following is true. The Freedom Of Information Act 2000, requires that publicly funded information ie paid through public taxes is legally available for public viewing.

      Upon viewing the PDF referring directly to the met with respect to the FIA, the following refer to direct public disclosure,

      Climate averages;

      These averages help to describe the climate and are used as a base to which current conditions can be compared

      Climate summaries UK and overseas;

      Climate Summaries based on station data averages and extremes, full range of elements for 10 years or full range of parameters for a specific grid reference is available.

      Climatological returns;

      Returns of selected climatological records since about 1855. Data are available for parameters such as temperature, wind, rainfall, solar radiation, snow and sunshine, accompanied in many cases with a weather diary. (only to be viewed on- site).

      As far as I am aware, the Met is currently bound by disclosure of recent data according to this act.

      The eyes of the world are watching now.

      Best regards, Geoff

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