Geminid meteor shower Twitter interview

Starting on 7 December and ending on the 16 December, the Geminid meteor shower is for many the highlight of the meteor shower calendar in 2013.

The peak of the Geminid meteor shower took place on 13-14 December, when you could see more than 50 meteors per hour. The Geminids is different to other meteor showers as its meteors originate from an asteroid, as opposed to a comet, meaning they are very rocky and gritty, making them slightly easier to see than other meteor showers.

Ahead of the peak of the meteor shower, we held a Twitter interview with Adrian from Meteorwatch where you sent in your questions and the top five got an answer. In case you missed the interview and Adrian’s excellent answers, you can see them in full below:

Below is our infographic about the Geminid meteor shower. To find out when other meteor events are taking place, visit the Meteorwatch website.


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2 Responses to Geminid meteor shower Twitter interview

  1. Vivienne Kincaid says:


    Thank you for sending me this information today but it leaves me rather disappointed because if I had received it on the 6/7th December I could have seen through the clear night sky in France or on the 12/13th in Somerset and viewed the meteor shower… receiving it today, the 16th, in Cloudy Wales there is no chance of seeing anything tonight. Hence my disappointment…

    Sincerely, Vivienne Kincaid

    • Hello Vivienne
      Sorry the blog of our twitter conversation was too late for you. Can I recommend following us on twitter @metoffice where you can join in our conversations live. We would love to hear from you.

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