Typhoon Utor makes landfall in southeast China

Typhoon Utor is currently a strong tropical cyclone and has recently made landfall near Yangjiang, southeast China which is approximately mid-way between Hong Kong and Zhangjiang. Utor is currently moving slowly north-northwest and is expected to continue along this track for the next three days and weaken as it remains overland.

Typhoon Utor

The impacts of Typhoon Utor have already been felt across the Philippines, with four people dead and homes and crops destroyed. The strong winds and high waves associated with Utor may have also have been a factor in the sinking of a large cargo ship off Hong Kong harbour.

Heavy rainfall is expected to lead to very heavy rainfall over southeast China where 150 – 200 mm are forecast in the next 24 hours, particularly near Zhangjiang and Yangjiang. This is likely to cause severe flooding, flash flooding and landslides.

Typhoon Utor

A significant storm surge occurred in the Phillipines and is expected to intensify flooding in southeast China. Forecasts suggest a peak storm surge of 2.4 m above normal tides between Hong Kong and Yangjiang. This will also be accompanied by very high waves which will cause over topping of harbours and coastal flood defences. Winds will continue to be very strong for at least the next 24 hours and will continue to affect power lines and transport infrastructure.

The main areas of heavy rainfall are expected to move north and east during Thursday and Friday with very large rainfall accumulations (150 – 200 mm per day) expected over northern Guandong province leading to further flash flooding and landslides.

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