Very high levels of grass pollen forecast across much of UK

As the hot period of weather continues across most of the UK, very high levels of grass pollen are forecast.

One in five people suffer from hay fever across the nation. The Met Office pollen forecast shows most parts of the country will see either high or very high pollen counts.

The east and south east of England, London, the Midlands plus Wales will see some of the highest grass pollen levels during this period, but elsewhere the risk should gradually decrease.

The only exception to this is in Orkney and Shetland where the counts will be moderate. Any local rainfall should help to reduce discomfort.

Benadryl® sponsors the Met Office’s pollen forecast, drawing on our latest weather forecast information. By combining this with UK pollen readings, detailed forecasts are prepared and linked to locations across the country. Visit the Met Office website for an easy-to-view pollen forecast in your region.

The pollen season is split into three main phases with the grass pollen season lasting from mid May through to Aug. Our pollen calendar has a detailed breakdown of the different types of pollen and their peak times within the season.


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  1. djb1985 says:

    The text in your graphic refers to pollen in the “UK” but only shows GB on the map. I would suggest either rewording your graphic to remove references to the UK and refer to GB only or else include Northern Ireland on your map so that UK is used correctly.

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