June set to be slightly drier and sunnier than average

Provisional Met Office early June figures suggest that it has been drier than average and slightly sunnier than usual so far this month.

Rainfall for the UK from 1-26 June was 37.8 mm. At this stage we would expect to have seen about 87 % of the full month average, however we have only seen 52 %.

Up to the 26th we have seen 163 hours of sunshine in the UK, which is 96 % of the full month average – suggesting we are on track for a sunnier than average month.

However, the mean UK temperature up to the 26th has been recorded at 12.7 °C which is -0.3 °C below the 1981-2010 long-term average for the month.

The average maximum temperature so far this June is 17.1°C which is very close to the long-term average of 17.3 °C.

Looking at the individual countries, Scotland and Northern Ireland have had slightly above average temperatures so far.  Scotland’s mean temperature has been 11.5 °C (0.2 °C above average) and Northern Ireland’s has been 13.0 °C (0.2 °C above average).

Wales had the most sunshine with190.6 hours, already above the full-month long-term average.

Northern Ireland has had the most rain so far with 79.8 mm compared with England’s below average 27.5 mm and Scotland’s 45.3 mm.

Temperatures of 26.4 °C at Herstmonceux, East Sussex (19 June) and Mickleham, Surrey (20 June) are the hottest days in the UK so far.

The hottest day in Wales so far this year was at Usk (25.1°C on 19 June).

Scotland’s hottest day was at Glenlee (24.5 °C on 8 June) and Northern Ireland’s hottest day of the year so far was on 9 June (24.5 °C) at Magilligan.

Mean Temperature Sunshine hours Rainfall
1-26 June Actual Diff from Avg Actual % of Avg Actual % of Avg
degC degC hours % mm %
UK 12.7 -0.3 163.0 96 37.8 52
England 13.4 -0.7 168.2 92 27.5 44
Wales 12.7 -0.5 190.6 110 45.9 54
Scotland 11.5 0.2 148.9 99 45.3 51
N Ireland 13.0 0.2 150.4 100 79.8 105
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2 Responses to June set to be slightly drier and sunnier than average

  1. bwmesser says:

    Hi Dave

    The other interesting thing of note about June 2012 is that it’ll probably be the 6th successive month with negative mean CET anomalies, something that hasn’t happened since 1987.

    I recorded 27.2°C (unofficially of course) on the same day as Herstmonceux’s max of 26.4°C here in Bradninch, Devon with my trusty Vantage Pro…


  2. nuwurld says:

    By drawing attention to certain measurables in the title, sunshine and precipitation, but including temperature in the text still indicates a bias Met. Drier and sunnier, but not warmer, as the text says cooler, if you want to play the game by absolutes.

    In reality, with normal, ie recent variability, the only news is ‘drier’, ’cause the sunshine and temperature have been very close to recent (30 year) averages. Surely you must have some error bars around a typical mean?

    Straight after publicly saying summers will be wetter than normal. Just goes to show how the climate system ‘refuses’ to be modelled!

    Have a nice July.

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