High pollen count forecast this week

The cold and unsettled weather that the UK saw this spring has lead to relatively low pollen counts so far this season. However, with fine and warm weather expected during the rest of the first week of June, high pollen counts are forecast across many parts of the country.

The pollen forecast, sponsored by Benadryl®, uses our latest weather forecast information and combine this with pollen readings from across the UK.

Yolanda Clewlow, Health Manager at the Met Office said: “The cold weather the UK saw in spring has kept pollen counts low, but as expected we have seen some very high pollen counts during the recent fine weather. Further high counts are expected during the settled, drier weather this week. We would therefore recommend that hay fever sufferer’s check the Met Office pollen forecast every day and do all that they can to manage their symptoms.”

The pollen season is split into three main phases with the grass pollen season lasting from mid May through to Aug. Our pollen calendar has a detailed breakdown of the different types of pollen and their peak times within a season.

The latest detailed pollen forecast for your area can be found on the Met Office website.

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