May Bank Holiday Monday top temperatures so far

The early May Bank Holiday Monday was fine with warm sunshine across much of the England and Wales and temperatures hitting the 20’s Celsius in many parts. However, as expected, sea fog did make for a misty day around some of the coast and Scotland and Northern Ireland saw a good deal of cloud with some rain in the northwest.

Here are the highest temperatures recorded so far today at Met Office observing stations:
Heathrow 22.0 C
Donna Nook 21.9 C
St James Park 21.7 C
Holbeach 21.6 C
Hull East Park 21.4 C
Northolt 21.3 C
Kew Gardens 21.3 C
Cambridge 21.2 C
Conningsby 21.1C
Sheffield 20.9C
Pershore 20.9 C
Gravesend 20.8 C

The highest temperature recorded so far this year was 23.1 C at Faversham on 25 April, and temperatures tomorrow may be on a par with that in some parts of central and eastern England.

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