This week’s snowfall captured by rainfall radar

The rainfall radar network is a great way of looking back at how weather systems affect the UK.

Here we see rainfall radar imagery from 00:00 GMT on Sunday 10 March to 09:00 GMT on Tuesday 12 March. It shows snow showers affecting much of the UK while an area of heavier snowfall affects northern France, the Channel Islands and the far south-east of England.


What’s particularly interesting is that it shows really well how the showers and the heavier snowfall across the south were moving in totally different directions. The snow showers can be seen moving in from the North Sea on north-easterly winds. Meanwhile, the heavier and more persistent snowfall was moving in from the south-west as an area of low pressure tracked across France. You can see how these two systems collided over Sussex and Kent, resulting in the heavy snowfall here.

At the very end of the sequence the wind changes direction again over the north of the UK, with the snow showers being blown across Scotland from the north.

You can see current observations from our rainfall radar on our website.

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2 Responses to This week’s snowfall captured by rainfall radar

  1. Tony says:

    I like the idea of these past rainfall animations and would like to know how far back the archived data goes. Is there a zoomable version online looking back over recent years. This type of thing opens all sorts of opportunities of studying past weather events and would be a good thing for the MetO to keep in their possession.

    • Dave Britton says:

      Tony, unfortunatley archive radar over recent years is not available online. The Met Office keeps the original data archived, but not in a format that is readily accessible. However we will continue to post interesting radar imagery as it becomes available.

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