Overnight minimum temperatures

Last night temperatures fell to as low as – 12.2 °C in Cambridge. This was close to the lowest recorded temperature of this winter so far, which was -13.4 °C, recorded in Marham, Norfolk on the 16 January.

Minimum temperatures Tuesday 22 January 2013

Location Area Temperature (°C)
Cambridge Cambridgeshire       -12.2
Andrewsfield                        Essex                -11.1
Cavendish                           Suffolk              -10.6
Rothamsted                          Hertfordshire        -10.4
Marham                              Norfolk              -10.3
South Newington                     Oxfordshire          -9.4
Houghton Hall                       Norfolk              -9
Bedford                             Bedfordshire         -8.9
Brooms Barn                         Suffolk              -8.8
Charlwood                           Surrey               -8.5
Northolt                            Greater London       -8.4
Writtle                             Essex                -8.4
Wisley                              Surrey               -8.2
Santon Downham                      Suffolk              -8.1
Monks Wood                          Cambridgeshire       -8

Not everywhere was so cold, with some areas in the Scotland and the south of England and Wales staying above freezing.

Highest minimum temperatures Tuesday 22 January 2013

Location Area Temperature (°C)
Scilly St Marys Airport   Isles Of Scilly 4.7
Isle Of Portland          Dorset          3.7
Harris Quidnish           Western Isles   3.1
Achnagart                 Ross & Cromarty 2.9
Swanage                   Dorset          2.6
Stornoway Airport         Western Isles   2.4
Wight St Catherines Point Isle Of Wight   2.4
Dunstaffnage              Argyll          2.3
Mumbles Head              West Glamorgan  2.3
South Uist Range          Western Isles   2.2

More very low temperatures are forecast over the next few nights, before it turns less cold and wetter over the weekend. See your local forecast and temperature range on our website.

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