The Met Office iPhone and Android app gets an update

The Met Office iPhone and Android app has been updated and is now available to download in the App Store and Google Play.

As well as bug fixing, the Android and iPhone update has taken on a lot of user feedback and enhanced the customer experience. There is a lot more information on the front screen, including wind speed, UV levels and sunrise and sunset times. Previously users would have had to delve deeper to gain access to this information, but based on user feedback, it was decided to bring this information forwards.

To make sure users receive a consistent experience, the look and feel of the app has been brought closely in line with the Met Office’s website. This includes new weather icons and graphics and also new icon-based weather warnings. New locations have also been added to the iPhone & Android app based on user feedback.

Below is a quote from James Tipler, Mubaloo Account Manager for the Met Office app:

“The Met Office has monitored customer feedback since the launch of the first iOS and Android app, and key trends in feedback have been listened to and addressed in this update. As well as bug fixes, this update makes a number of enhancements to the app which we believe will improve the user experience.”

The Met Office app has been a huge success since its launch in February. The iPhone and Android app was downloaded over 1 million times within its first two weeks of launch and during the cold weather in February, it was used over 6.5m times in one weekend – that’s 35 times every second. The Met Office app is the 14th most accessed in the UK and was voted number 1 weather app in the Independent. Current downloads to date are 3m for iPhone and 887,000 for Android.

Mubaloo, the producers of the apps on behalf of the Met Office have created a full Met Office Android & iPhone app case study.


This blog post first appeared in Mubaloo‘s blog

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6 Responses to The Met Office iPhone and Android app gets an update

  1. Are there any plans to develop an iPad version of the app?

    • Dave Britton says:

      You can use the App on the iPad already and explore its full functionality. Cheers.

      • stevehadd says:

        On the iPad, the app only fills a small part of the screen.
        One is also not able to see the rainfall radar data (as seen on the web here) in any version of the app (iOS or android). Are there any plans to include this data in future versions?

      • Dave Britton says:

        You can enlarge the met office app to make it bigger on the iPad if required. We are continually looking at what improvements to put into the app and I will feed your comments to the development teams.


  2. essiep says:

    There is a new bug that has escaped with the new version- searching for new locations crashes mind every time. The new features are welcome though.

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