It’s snow joke – your weather jokes

Thank you to everyone who shared their weather jokes with us on Twitter. Here’s a selection of our favourites.

@MrDanielEdwards: What’s the difference between the weather and climate? You can’t weather a tree but you can climate

@thisisshaft: What do you call an overcast Supermodel? Cloudier Schiffer.

@PeterG_Weather: What did the cloud say to the Sun? I’ve got you covered!

@jimthree: “It’s raining cats and dogs!” “I know, I just stepped in a poodle!”

@MEschoolweather: What do snowmen wear on their heads? Ice caps!

@dispic007: Q: Where did the meteorologist stop for a drink on the way home from a long day in the studio? A: The nearest ISOBAR

@Martin_Bolton39: What did Jack Frost say to Bruce Forsyth? Ice to see you, to see you, ice

@PeterCrompton1: This nice weather doesn’t fool me one bit. It’s just a front.

@ladyaunticathy: Did you hear about the lightning that refused to go to work? It went on strike!

@GazetteDMilli: My computer crashed while I was writing an essay on the wind – thankfully I had it saved as a draft!

@PaulMcG92: Why did the woman go outdoors with her purse open? Because she expected some change in the weather!

@hazzapuckerz: What did one lightning bolt say to another? You’re shocking!

@pepperpotdog: What does a cloud wear under his coat? Thunderwear.

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