Top ten: Mildest temperatures recorded last night

Yesterday was a mild day with temperatures reaching as high as 19.2 °C, which was recorded in Langdon Bay during the daytime. However night-time temperatures were also mild for the time of year, with many areas not dropping below 10 °C. Jersey was particularly warm, not falling below 13.5 °C last night.

Station Temperature (°C)
Jersey: Airport 13.5
Bognor Regis 12.9
Guernsey: Airport 12.9
Langdon Bay 12.1
Manston 12.1
Frittenden 11.9
Herstmonceux, West End 11.9
Faversham 11.8
Scilly: St Marys Airport 11.7
Skegness 11.7

Overnight lows at this time of year would typically be around 7 to 9 °C across southern England, making last night around 4 or 5 °C milder than average. More UK climate and weather statistics are available on our website.

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