Provisional figures for September

The provisional figures for the whole of September are in and, overall, the UK received 112.4mm of rain which is 117% of the long-term average. The wettest period of the month fell between the 23rd and 26th but with a very dry start to the month, the UK ended up 29th wettest in the national record that goes back to 1910.

The UK was also a little sunnier than usual, with 144.2 hours of sunshine, making it the 10th sunniest September on record. Meanwhile, the average temperature was 11.9°C which is 0.7°C below the 30-year average.

Met Office provisional September figures
mean temperature sunshine duration rainfall
Actual Difference from 1981-2010 average Actual % of 1981-2010 average Actual % of 1981-2010 average
degC degC hours % mm %
UK 11.9 -0.7 144.2 116 112.2 117
England 12.9 -0.8 165.8 121 87.8 126
Wales 11.9 -1.0 141.6 111 133.5 114
Scotland 10.3 -0.6 113.2 108 148.7 109
N Ireland 11.7 -0.7 120.4 106 104.1 113
England & Wales 12.8 -0.8 162.4 120 94.1 124
England N 12.2 -0.6 147.6 117 133.0 165
England S 13.4 -0.8 175.4 123 63.9 100
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  1. Reblogged this on Autonomous Mind and commented:
    The problem with having taken a leave of absence from the blog is catching up on stories that are days old and presenting them as timely. No matter, this little weather related story from last week is worth covering nearly a week on. Here is the Met Office’s blog post, which shows average temperatures across the UK in 2012 are 0.7C below the 30-year average.

    It goes without saying, if this was an increase of 0.7C it would have been a lead item on BBC News and in the Guardian, and cited worldwide as an indicator of thermogeddon. Being a fall in temperature, it is relegated to being a one sentence footnote swept smoothly to the margins. Nothing to see here… move along.

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