Stormy days ahead in the Tropics

Whilst in the UK attention is focused on the weather for the coming Bank Holiday weekend, in the tropics it looks set to be a stormy few days ahead.

Typhoon Tembin  has winds of over 100 mph and is set to make landfall on Taiwan on Friday. It is likely to be slow moving which could result in huge amounts of rain accompanied by flooding in parts of the island. Tembin will be the 11th tropical storm to make landfall over south-east Asia so far this season.

Meanwhile Typhoon Bolaven lies further east in the Pacific Ocean and looks set to head towards land as well. A turn to the north-west is expected, but this will still result in a likely landfall over north-eastern China in several days time.

Across in the Atlantic and Caribbean Tropical Storm Isaac is developing. It has already crossed the Leeward Islands and is set to make landfall over Hispaniola, which comprises the Dominican Republic and Haiti, on Friday. It could be a minimal hurricane by that time, but its greatest impact will again be from heavy rain – up to 500mm  is possible – accompanied by flooding and mudslides. After this time Isaac is expected to track along the length of Cuba and turn towards Florida and possibly into the eastern Gulf of Mexico over the weekend and into next week. The precise track and strength of the storm at this time is uncertain at present.

Further Atlantic tropical storms are possible in the coming week, although there is no indication yet that any of these will threaten land.

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