Heavy rainfall across parts of the UK

The past two days have seen some exceptional rainfall across the UK, with the heaviest and most persistent rain falling in the North West of England, parts of Northern Ireland and parts of southern Scotland.

Across this area there have been fairly widespread rainfall totals of about 25-50mm of rain in the past 24 hours – from 10am yesterday (22 June) to 10am this morning.

However, some spots saw even more rain in the same period. Here are the wettest places in the past 24 hours:

Blencathra, Cumbria – 93.8mm

Keswick, Cumbria – 88.6mm

Stonyhurst, Lancashire – 74.4mm

Levens Hall, Cumbria – 58.2mm

Morecambe, Lancashire – 57mm

Walney Island, Cumbria – 55.8mm

Preston, Lancashire – 54.8mm

Myerscough, Lancashire – 52.2mm

Bingley, West Yorkshire – 50.2mm

This is in line with the yellow and amber Severe Weather Warnings issued by the Met Office for yesterday’s rain, which forecast 25-50mm of rain across a wide area and up to 100mm possible in some spots.

Rainfall has eased this morning, however heavy rain is expected to sweep in across the UK later this evening and into tomorrow morning and the Met Office has issued further weather warnings.

You can stay up to date with the latest situation by looking at the warnings pages on our website and by staying up to date with our forecasts.

Later on Sunday the weather is expected to improve, giving way to a drier and brighter start to the week with sunny spells and improving temperatures.

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2 Responses to Heavy rainfall across parts of the UK

  1. Irene Kane says:

    The list abovshows the heaviest rainfall..but can u show a more indepth list, that includes South Lanarkshire for those dates.21/22 june 2012..

    • Dave Britton says:

      Irene for the sake of brevity we have only listed the wettest places in the UK. If there is somewhere specific in South Lanarkshire that you are interested in then let us know and we will take a look at the nearest sites.

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