June so far: wetter and cooler than average

Update: Provisional Met Office figures for the whole of June are now available at: Met Office confirms wettest June in over a century

The weather for most of the UK has been dominated by cool and unsettled conditions in the first half of June. A succession of frontal low-pressure systems have stalled over or close to the south of the country, bringing large amounts of rainfall in some areas, particularly in Wales and southern England.

Based on provisional mid-month stats, the beginning of June has been significantly wetter than average. The UK as a whole has had 55.5 mm of rain so far this month, 76% of the normal amount of rainfall expected for the month of June. Normally at this point in the month, we would expect to see around 43% of the monthly average.

However, the south of the UK has had considerably more. Thorney Island, Shoreham Airport and Wiggonholt –  three stations in West Sussex – have all set new station records for June, with over 200% of their usual rainfall for June falling already.

Station Area Total rainfall(mm) Average rainfall for June (mm) % of average so far this month
Thorney Island         West Sussex 113.6 48.5 234.2
Shoreham Airport      West Sussex  122.4 55.7 219.8
Wiggonholt          West Sussex    110 52.9 207.9
St James’s Park Greater London 102.4 52.3 195.8
Hampstead Greater London 111.8 58.9 189.9
Middle Wallop  Hampshire 100.6 53.4 188.5
Swanage Dorset 95.8 51.5 186
Rothamsted Hertfordshire   109.8 60.4 181.8
Trawsgoed Dyfed 141.2 78.5 180
Charlwood Surrey    99 57.2 173.1

Further north, it’s a different story, north-west Scotland in particular has actually been very dry. Resallach, in Sutherland, has only had  1 mm so far, just 0.9% of its average rainfall for June.

Station Area Total rainfall(mm) Average rainfall for June (mm) % of average 
Resallach     Sutherland 1 111.5 0.9
Kinlochewe  Ross & Cromarty 2 103.8 1.9
Aultbea No 2 Ross & Cromarty 2.2 78.8 2.8
South Uist Range Western Isles 2.8 55.9 5
Harris: Quidnish Western Isles 3.6 80.2 4.5
Skye: Lusa         Western Isles 3.6 91.1 4
Loch Glascarnoch        Ross & Cromarty 4 82.6 4.8
Fair Isle Shetland 4.6 46.8 9.8
Stornoway Airport Western Isles 5.4 63.8 8.5
Dunstaffnage Argyll 8.6 82.6 10.4

It’s also been cooler than average for many, particularly in the east, as can be seen on the map below. Mean temperatures for the UK so far this month are 1.4 °C below the long-term June average although cloud cover has kept minimum temperatures closer to the seasonal norm, especially in the south-west.

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  1. despite your title,
    your map suggests that
    much of the UK is drier than normal

    • Dave Britton says:

      Charles, the Map shows rainfall compared to the typical rainfall over the whole month. As the rainfall fugures are only up to the 13th June you would expect a total of around 43% at that point in the month. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I hope you don’t mind as I have reblogged this at http://ukbirdingtimeline.wordpress.com

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

  3. I studied in Germany and am working currently with weather observations. Here I am dealing with observations of weather in Europe. The frequency of rain are currently observations that I noted and evaluation. Also in Germany, the tides are in the wet.

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