Your weather poems

We had over a hundred weather poem tweets in our competition to win a limited edition Met Office blue sky umbrella on Twitter. We couldn’t retweet them all so here’s some more of our favourites.

The winner:

From @CMDexe Is it wet, is it dry, are there clouds up in the sky? To see what’s ahead we check the past & thus is born the weather forecast.

Highly commended:

From @tobleroni45  Tonight for the first time, just about half past ten, for the first time in history, I’m gonna watch weathermen! #rainraingoaway

From @gaiacaecilia One wonders whether the british weather could ever get any wetter for british weather seems forever wetter than any other weather

From @andrew_spires  Is the rain going to fall? I can’t tell, I’m a novice. So I log onto Twitter and follow @metoffice #weatherpoem

Some more of our favourites:

From @Mookii Blue sky, bright sky, dark clouds too, the MET office provides the forecast for you. You’re a tweet away, for the weather today!

From @realityminus3 The troposphere’s grand incarnation: A cumulonimbus occasion! Tornadoes and lightning with squall lines most frightening; The awesomest manifestation!!

From @chrissieroyal Rain, rain, go away – that was April, this is May! #weatherpoem

From @delphinius2 Alto stratus, you’ve answered our prayers, with medium height and beautiful layers

From @alanhousden If sky is red when you awake/ An umbrella you should take/ If horizon’s red at night/ Chances are it’ll be alright.

From @NickyjaneR Step outdoors, rain pours, thunderclaps, a cold snap, lightning flash, frantic dash, cloudburst, do your worst

From @ptallan10 lazing under a clear blue sky, high above I hear a skylark cry, then I wake up from a dream, no escape from the uk jetstream!

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  1. Ms Mass Media says:

    Reblogged this on Ms Mass Media: Hold The Front Page! and commented:
    I love this selection of poems about the current weather we are experiencing here in the UK, although my partner is currently in Scotland where they are having temperatures of 18-20 degrees, it is sunny and he said it was like being in Spain…hard to believe when it has been absolutely tipping it down here with rain all day!

    Hope you enjoy these poems as much as I did 🙂

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