Freezing conditions continue as temperatures fall to -11.8 C last night

The freezing weather continued to grip parts of the UK overnight once again with the lowest temperatures across North Yorkshire and other eastern parts of the UK where cloud breaks persisted through the night. The lowest temperature was -11.8 deg C at Church Fenton in North Yorkshire, where 12 cm of snow is still lying following the snow last weekend. The coldest place in Scotland was Cromdale with -9.5 deg C, whilst in Wales, Sennybridge in Powys fell as low as -7.7 deg C

The table below shows a list of the coldest spots across the country overnight into Wednesday 8th February.

CHURCH FENTON                          -11.8 NORTH YORKSHIRE     
LINTON ON OUSE                         -10.7 NORTH YORKSHIRE     
TOPCLIFFE                              -10.3 NORTH YORKSHIRE     
CROMDALE                               -9.5 MORAY               
BUNTINGFORD                            -8.9 HERTFORDSHIRE       
DISHFORTH AIRFIELD                     -8.8 NORTH YORKSHIRE     
LEEMING                                -8.6 NORTH YORKSHIRE     
SCAMPTON                               -8.5 LINCOLNSHIRE        
MARHAM                                 -8.2 NORFOLK             
SOUTH NEWINGTON                        -8.2 OXFORDSHIRE         
BRAMHAM                                -8.2 WEST YORKSHIRE      
HIGH MOWTHORPE                         -8.1 NORTH YORKSHIRE     
LECONFIELD                             -8.1 HUMBERSIDE          
SANTON DOWNHAM                         -7.8 NORFOLK             
CRANWELL                               -7.8 LINCOLNSHIRE        
SHOBDON AIRFIELD                       -7.8 HEREFORD & WORCESTER
WOODFORD                               -7.8 CHESHIRE            
MALHAM TARN                            -7.7 NORTH YORKSHIRE     
SENNYBRIDGE                  -7.7 POWYS               
ASTWOOD BANK                           -7.7 HEREFORD & WORCESTER
NORMANBY HALL                          -7.7 HUMBERSIDE          
LITTLE RISSINGTON                      -7.6 GLOUCESTERSHIRE     
NOTTINGHAM, WATNALL                    -7.5 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE     
LEEK, THORNCLIFFE                      -7.5 STAFFORDSHIRE       
COTON-IN-THE-ELMS                      -7.4 DERBYSHIRE          
DUNKESWELL AERODROME                   -7.4 DEVON               
SHAP                                   -7.4 CUMBRIA             
BEDFORD                                -7.3 BEDFORDSHIRE        
HOUGHTON HALL                          -7.2 NORFOLK             
LISCOMBE                               -7.2 SOMERSET            
FYLINGDALES                            -7.1 NORTH YORKSHIRE     
COLESHILL                              -7.1 WARWICKSHIRE        
NEWPORT (SALOP)                        -7.1 SHROPSHIRE          
PERSHORE                               -7.1 HEREFORD & WORCESTER
MONKS WOOD                             -7.1 CAMBRIDGESHIRE      
PENNERLEY                              -7.1 SHROPSHIRE          
TREDEGAR, BRYN BACH PARK         -7 GWENT               

The cold weather persists with the brightest weather across southwest England, Wales and northern England. A few snow flurries possible across the far southeast of England. Further north, Western and northern Scotland and Northern Ireland will see outbreaks of rain, possibly falling onto frozen surfaces in northwest Scotland. Tonight, there is an increasing chance of seeing freezing rain across parts of southern and eastern Scotland, bringing a significant ice risk. England and Wales remaining generally dry with a severe frost once again. On Thursday rain and snow is forecast to edge into northern England, generating an ice risk here. It will remain very cold across England and Wales, with the best of any brightness further west, although it will be milder in the north.


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