Met Office Severe Weather Warnings issued as snow turns to ice risk

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings across much of England and Wales as the snow that fell over the weekend brings the risk of ice as it freezes on Sunday night and into Monday morning.

Ice is likely to be a hazard on roads and pavements across parts of southeast Wales and much of England, except the southwest, potentially leading to the risk of disruption to travel on Monday morning. Along with the ice, fog patches are also likely to form overnight in many areas, adding to the risk of disruption to travel in parts of the UK.

Andy Page, Chief Forecaster at the Met Office, said: “There are a number of reasons why ice is likely to be a hazard during Sunday evening and overnight into Monday including snowfall from Saturday night persisting across eastern parts of England and snow melting and then refreezing on untreated surfaces.

“There is also a risk of showers affecting parts of northwest England this evening, which will then extend southeast into the Midlands and eventually parts of southeast England, including the London area, later in the night. Although most showers will fall as rain, which will freeze onto sub-zero surfaces in central and eastern parts of England, there is a lower probability that some of the showers may fall as snow in a zone extending from southwest Lincolnshire to East Sussex.”

Beyond this the split between less cold conditions in the north and west and colder conditions hanging on the east remains. Through much of the coming week eastern areas probably remaining largely dry, bright but cold whilst western parts cloudier with a chance of rain, and perhaps snow at times over the hills.

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