Cold weather brings risk of snow to the UK

Colder weather will affect parts of the UK through this weekend and into next week as weather from the east wins the battle for dominance against milder conditions that have prevailed so far this winter.

Temperatures are likely to be below average this weekend and through next week. Although we have had short-lived cold snaps in December and earlier in January lasting 2 or 3 days,  it would be fair to say that this period of cold weather is likely to be the most prolonged we have seen so far this winter.

At the moment we have a high pressure system over eastern Europe trying to push in cold air from the east, while milder Atlantic air is trying to push in from the west. The colder air is set to win over the next few days, bringing a risk of snow to western areas on Monday morning. Higher parts of Wales and north-western Britain are most at risk, although exactly where and how much snow there will be is still in the balance and you should stay in touch with the latest forecasts and warnings on our website.

Forecast pressure chart for 00:00GMT on Monday 30 January

Later on Monday the weather front weakens and moves back west, leaving drier conditions for the UK with a few wintry showers possible in the east at times.

As we go into February there is still considerable uncertainty in the forecast, although at the moment we expect the cold weather to persist with occasional wintry showers near to the east coast and sharp overnight frosts. Although temperatures will be below average, it is not expected to be exceptionally cold.  Alternatively by the middle of February we could see a return to milder and more unsettled conditions with showers or longer spells of rain.

With the colder conditions, the Met Office will be issuing Cold Weather Alerts as part of the  Cold Weather Plan developed by the Department of Health, the Health Protection Agency and Age UK to help reduce the impact of cold weather on people’s health this winter.

Age UK demonstrates just how valuable the Cold Weather Alert Service is to the more vulnerable sectors of the community. These alerts put everyone in a better position to respond to forecasts of severe weather, inform those who are most at risk from winter weather and what they can do to keep well.

For more info on the latest weather forecast you should go to the Met Office website.


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