Met Office in the Media: 26 January 2012

Today sees the launch of the Government’s Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) highlighting the top 100 challenges faced by the UK from our changing climate. The research confirms the UK as a world-leader in understanding climate risk, ensuring the governemtn is well placed to make robust plans to deal with these threats. Coverage this morning includes the BBC report on the ‘First report on UK climate impact’  andthe Independent reporting on how the UK is ‘told to prepare for mass floods in future‘.

The Met Office contributed to the CCRA providing scientific guidance on the latest climate projections (UKCP09) and leading the risk assessment on the energy sector. In addition we also provided further research on urban heat islands and rainfall runoff. Utility Week have also covered the launch of the study, reporting on how ‘Utilities face some of the heaviest threats from global warning, a comprehensive government study shows’.

Elsewhere there was widespread coverage about the launch of our new Met Office Android App as it made ‘app of the day’ on TechDigest. At the same time we also launched an update to our iPhone App. Bothof these were covered in the Guardian as well as on android authority and intomobile.

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  1. Vinny Burgoo says:

    Why does the CCRA assume spatially uniform rates of new development across the UK, ignoring current moves to restrict new development on floodplains?


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