Clear skies forecast for Stargazing Live 2012

Stargazing Live 2012 will see Dara Ó Briain and Professor Brian Cox presenting live from Jodrell Bank Observatory on the 16 – 18 January. There’s also local Stargazing Live events taking place around the UK.

Astronomers will be hoping for clear skies for the event, and the forecast is looking promising. The majority of the country is set to be relatively cloud free over the weekend and through the early part of next week, although there is a risk of fog obscuring visibility in some areas. But with the clear skies comes a drop in temperature and night time temperatures may be as low as -6 °C for some.

If you’re planning on heading to a local event, our new beta site maps allow you to view the forecast cloud cover for your area. Links to the forecasts for local stargazing locations are below.

UK cloud cover for midnight Friday 13

Stargazing Live Manchester. View Manchester forecast.

Stargazing Live Royal Observatory Edinburgh.View Edinburgh forecast.

Stargazing Live Hampstead Observatory. View Hampstead forecast.

Stargazing Live National Trust Gibside. View National Trust Gibside forecast.

Stargazing Live Eden Project. View Eden Project forecast.

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