Met Office in the Media: ‘That sleighbell winter?’

George Monbiot has written a fascinating comment piece in The Guardian exploring why some parts of the media reported that we were likely to have one of the coldest starts to winter again in 2011. In ‘That sleighbell winter?‘ George takes a look behind some of the ‘alternative sources’ used in these newspaper stories, the accuracy of their predictions and how they have  not been challenged in the media, despite the relatively mild October, November and December that we actually saw in 2011.

This article follows a comment piece by our Chief Executive, John Hirst that appeared in The Times back in October calling for a ‘sense of reason’ relating  to the number of alarmist stories that were appearing regularly in the media at the time that had the potential to confuse and even scare vulnerable people with no scientific basis. The Met Office’s job is to provide accurate and reliable information based on the most accurate forecasting information available and to inform the public and government agencies so that they can respond when it matters.

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