Met Office in the Media: 15 December 2011

The windy and wintry weather forecast for the Met Office through this week is dominating coverage at the moment. The Daily Mail reported ‘Snow reaches the south’ using our video to support their story. Similar stories also ran in the Telegraph, Express, The Sun and Huffington Post.

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The Times reported on the most popular Google search terms revealing that ‘Met Office’ was the most popular search term in the UK this December – highlighting people’s interest in the weather and more importantly that people turn to the Met Office when it really matters.

In a quirky weather story The Mirror reported on a ‘freak storm of apples’. Although we are unable to verify this phenomenon it certainly isn’t the first time that things, such as frogs, fish and apples have fallen from the sky. It is possible that when there are heavy showers around a tornado could lift apples from the ground and then drop them in a different place. Sometimes our weather can really be quite strange!


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2 Responses to Met Office in the Media: 15 December 2011

  1. sesui90 says:

    To read you post .I know the weather is so worried!

  2. rose bugler says:

    I’m wondering if there was any way you could send us a forecast for New Years Day at the south end of Windermere, for Owen’s Big Chill

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