Typhoon Nesat brings heavy rain and strong winds to the Philippines.

Typhoon Nesat made landfall at about 2200 UTC 26 September near Casiguran on the east coast of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Winds were estimated to be close to 120 mph near the centre of the typhoon and the lowest central pressure was estimated to be near 944mb. Good forecasts of the typhoon’s track in the previous two days allowed authorities to order the evacuation of over 100,000 people in its path.

Satellite image of Typhoon Nesat as it makes landfall

Satellite image of Typhoon Nesat as it makes landfall

Although well south of the typhoon centre the Philippine capital Manila received heavy rain and strong winds causing much disruption including the flooding of the main hospital and US Embassy buildings. Subic Bay on the west coast of Luzon just to the north-west of Manila recorded 350mm (13.8″) rain in 12 hours.

As of 1200 UTC 27 September Nesat was still classified as a typhoon and has started to restrengthen over the South China Sea. Current forecasts predict a second landfall over Hainan island on Thursday and over northern Vietnam on Friday.

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