September to finish on a high for parts of the UK

Many parts of the UK are expected to see some fine weather during the last few days of September and into the beginning of October.

Early signs suggest there will be several days of warm and dry weather, giving the most settled conditions seen for several weeks.

The best of the weather will be seen in south and east, where temperatures could reach 27 °C. Average maximum temperatures for the UK are 16.1 °C in September and 12.5 °C in October.

Chris Tubbs, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: “It’s too early to give precise detail, but the dominant signal is for much of the UK to get some fine weather from Tuesday onwards. Temperatures could be unseasonably warm in places, certainly well above the average for this time of year.

“The settled weather is set to last for several days and could carry on into the start of October, giving us a welcome respite from the windy and wet conditions which have dominated for the past few weeks.”

Daytime maximum temperatures are set to be above average even over this weekend, with parts of the south east around 22 °C.

The north and west of the country could see gales overnight on Sunday through to Monday, however, with strong gusts in places. After that, the weather is set to settle and steadily improve as we go through the week.

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