Play the Met Office online weather game – can you beat the top score?

The Met Office, along with the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge, has launched an online weather forecasting game.

By playing the game, you’ll be helping us understand the best way of presenting probability in weather forecasts. Liz Stephens from the University of Bristol – who led the development of the game – is hoping it will be played 10,000 times, making it the largest study into communicating weather probabilities.

Find out more about the project behind the game.

In the game itself, you’ll be asked to interpret a number of forecasts to help Brad the ice cream seller maximise his profits. There’s an element of luck here. If there’s just a 10% chance of rain you can be fairly confident that it will stay dry, but it may still rain and Brad will lose out. The top score today is £364, can you beat it?

Even if you’ve already had a go, help us reach our target and play the game again. Each time you re-play the game you’ll see different ways of presenting the probability of weather. This will give us important information and feedback from the public about the most effective ways of presenting probabilities in weather forecasts.

Play the game now.

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