Met Office in the News: 30 August 2011

There have been reports today that the Met Office have said that this summer will be the coolest since 1993. This figure is based on the Central England Temperature record taken from our website. The Central England Temperature record is representative of a small part of England and not for the UK as a whole and the figures are not yet complete as we are yet to see the end of August.

Interestingly, looking at the temperature statistics for the UK we find that June saw an average temperature of 12.6 C, bang on the average temperature you would expect. July, on the other hand, was cooler than average, reaching 14.1 C, some 0.7 C below the long term average.  Figures available until mid August show that temperatures were around half a degree Celsius above the long term average, but we will have to wait for the full month figures before we can make a full assessment on how this compares to past years.

The Met Office will issue official statistics for both August and Summer 2011 once the month and season is complete.

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