Met Office in the Media: 29 July 2011

There have been a lot of news reports today (Express, Mirror, Telegraph) about the spell of fine weather we are seeing at the moment in contrast to the rather disappointing weather we had seen earlier in July.  The fine weather looks set for the weekend and into the middle of the coming week. As the Met Office forecast the first week of school holidays in England and Wales has seen some fine weather for most areas of the UK at some point through this week.

The Met Office provides a range of forecasts for the public on our website, on mobile phones and through our website widgets, allowing you to stay right up to date with the latest weather. Since last summer the Met Office has launched local forecasts for up to 5000 locations across the UK, including seaside resorts and tourist attractions across the country. These regularly updated forecasts provide local detail on the weather to help you plan your day out with confidence.

Mark Smith, Director of Bournemouth Tourism said: “These new forecasts from the Met Office communicate weather forecast information in clearer, more appropriate and user friendly ways that allow tourists and tourism operators to better plan activities. As weather is a key driver for tourists, I am sure that this improved communication will have a positive economic impact on our industry and will improve the overall quality of life for British residents through more productive use of their leisure time.”

Several papers also reported on soul star Beverley Knight’s weather obsession. The Mail on Sunday and The Telegraph reported how Ms Knight had been in contact with experts here at the Met Office to find out what the typical weather may be on a range of dates for her upcoming wedding. The Met Office was happy to help and we wish her and her fiance well with their ongoing wedding plans.

Finally, BBC online and New Scientist have reported on how the University of East Anglia have released nearly all its remaining data on temperature measurements with the help of the Met Office. All data sent to the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia by National Meteorological Services around the globe to complete its global land temperature dataset CRUTEM3 has been released, apart from data from 19 stations in Poland.


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