88 degree heatwave or a cool and dull summer? You decide

Despite reports in the media that we are heading toward the coolest and dullest summer for the last 20 years, we here at the Met Office have made no such claim.

The fact of the matter is that it is just too early to say how this summer will compare to others in the record books once the summer is over. We still have 3 weeks of July and all of August to go before the end of summer, and there is still everything to play for.

We have had rather mixed conditions through June and the start of July with some fine warm, and even hot, days and some more unsettled, and very wet days as well. This is typical of summer in the UK when often you get several nice, warm days followed by several unsettled days with heavy showers. We should certainly not be surprised by this type of weather.

For the UK, temperatures for June were actually bang on the long-term average, with sunshine and rainfall both a little above, although very close to what you would normally expect. Currently there are no figures for the UK for July as it is still so early in the month.

As for this summer – well, media reports of a cool and dull summer one week and reports of an 88 degree summer another are one thing, but for the latest forecast you should check out our 16 to 30 day forecast which is updated regularly on our website. Currently it says:

“Indications are that the weather will remain fairly unsettled across most of the country. Temperatures should be close to normal for many, but perhaps fall a little below across the west of the UK. By contrast, central parts of the country are most favoured for above average temperatures. Rainfall amounts are expected to be a little below normal generally, with eastern parts of England perhaps staying the driest. Sunshine amounts during the same period look to be near-normal for most, but perhaps rising a little above average across the south of the UK.”

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