Met Office in the Media: 01 July 2011

The Independent has today reported about a partnership between the Met Office and NCAR and other leading climate scientists to investigate exceptional weather events to see whether they can be attributable to global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. In ‘Extreme weather link ‘can no longer be ignored’ Steve Connor reports on the Attribution of Climate-related Events (ACE) project which held its first workshop in August 2010 in Colorado.

Peter Stott, Head of Climate Monitoring and Attribution at the Met Office Hadley Centre said:  “We’ve certainly moved beyond the point of saying that we can’t say anything about attributing extreme weather events to climate change. It’s very clear we’re in a changed climate now which means there’s more moisture in the atmosphere and the potential for stronger storms and heavier rainfall is clearly there.”

More information on this work can be found in:

Climate change: how to play our hand? (Guardian)
Pakistan floods – More than just an active monsoon? (Met Office News Blog)

Elsewhere the Daily Mail and other papers have reported on a research paper that has suggested that aircraft taking off and landing increase the amount of snow or rainfall around airports, where due to the variability in weather is likely to mask any phenomenon within the observations.



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  1. The point about the aircraft and airports is that an awful lot of those sensors you use to create the temperature trend are placed near airports which as you quite clearly know tend to be warmer than the surrounding area and have therefore added a warming trend to the global temperature trend.

    As for “it’s very clear we are in a changed climate” … what a load of rubbish. Nothing of the sort is true. It is very clear that some will interpret anything and everything as a changed climate, but that is very different from any kind of proof of a change. But what’s more important is that the climate never was “normal”, it has always changed, so change in itself is quite normal, so it’s quite rediculously to talk of a “change climate” … any more than “the weather has changed … oh dear let’s all hide under the bed because the weather has changed and …. it’s no longer sunny but raining today”.

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