Met Office in the Media: 20 June 2011

As Wimbledon got underway , as expected the day started fine and bright, but cloud increased through the afternoon and as forecast brought rain by the end of the afternoon. As expected play was suspended due to rain around 5pm. The referee and ground staff however knew just what to expect  with “an ace up their sleeve in predicting the weather” – The Met Office have forecasters on site to support the championships as explained in the Daily Mail today:

“The All England Lawn Tennis Club has an ace up its sleeve in predicting the weather, however.

“Incoming rain will be signalled by the gentlemanly tones of the voice of Wimbledon, Tony Adamson.

“It would be tempting to imagine the silver-haired veteran of the world’s favourite championships simply wandering outside his office, glancing at the heavens and holding a moistened finger in the air.

“Alongside him, however, in a small, first-floor room near Centre Court, is a Met Office forecaster with a laptop – and access to the most sophisticated weather information and technology available.

“From 200 miles away at Met Office headquarters in Exeter, all the data needed for Wimbledon to decide whether to operate the roof, man the covers (or evacuate the players two by two in an ark) is pinged to on-site forecasters.

“Then it is turned into English, passed down the line, and presented to the decision-makers – championship referee Andrew Jarrett and head groundsman Eddie Seaward.

“They get a long-range and daily forecast, at least 30 minutes warning that rain will definitely fall, and several hours if it’s likely.”

The video below shows how we support the Championships with our on-site forecasters.


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